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Gymshark's Headless Migration


Gymshark migrated their 15 global stores from Shopify to a headless environment. The project was an 18-month investment from multiple teams, from tech to SEO. 

My involvement

As SEO & Content Manager at Gymshark, I led this project from an SEO point of view. My involvement started early on in the process, liaising with our Product Management and Engineering teams on SEO requirements. I then worked with these teams throughout the process to ensure these requirements were met, managed our indexation strategy of the test version of the website, and QA'd all SEO implementations. Finally, upon the rollout of each store, I audited each store to identify any issues and raise tickets with engineering. 

The Impact

I can't share too much about the project's impact, but I will include the publicly available Sistrix graphs for the UK & US websites. Both stores migrated in September 2023.